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Honda CB Hornet 160R Feature Review

Honda is the largest motorbikes producer company in the world. It has been manufacturing the dashing motorcycles since 1959. The popularity of Honda motorcycle company is increasing day by day. The maximum bike lovers are being attracted by the classy features of Honda motorcycle.

Honda CB Hornet 160R

The Honda CB Hornet 160R is the latest version of the CB Honda series. The Honda CB Hornet 160R bike is first introduced in India at 2018. Engine displacement is 163 cc. Very aggressive looking bike with good quality braking system. The robust body shape of the bike adds more beauty to the classy features of the bike.


The Honda CB Hornet 160R is one of the best muscular motorbike. The paint quality of the bike is so much attractive. The structure of fuel tank and accessory lights are gorgeous looking. As well as a carbon fibre strip is trimmed over the fuel tank add more dashing looking. The more fascinating features of the bike is the five speed gearbox system of the bike.

Available Colour

The available colours of the Honda CB Hornet 160R bike are red, yellow metallic, mars orange, striking green and blue metallic. The metallic structure over the fuel tank is always blank in colour.

Honda CB Hornet 160R

Engine features

Engine of this bike is 4-stroke air cooled engine. It can produce up to 14.7 Nm torque at 6600 rpm. The weight of the Honda is 140 kg. It takes a few times to get the velocity at 100 km per hour. The Honda CB Hornet 160R can produce maximum 14.9 bhp power at 8600 rpm.

Braking system

Duel disc braking system of this bike is really impressive for all the bike lovers. The front part of the brake is single disc and the rear one is drum shape. You can quickly control your bike by those braking system.

Fuel Tank

Fuel tank of this bike is very much muscular and stylish. About 14 liters fuel you can load in this fuel tank. You can enjoy the 650+ kilometers journey with your fully loaded tank. A fascinating sticker is painted along the side of the fuel tank.

Seating system

The stylish seating system of this bike make your journey much more comfortable. The front part of the seat is lower than behind part. This will give the rider more comfort. Only two persons can sit easily.

Headlight and Side Signal Lamps

The most attractive part of this bike is the lighting system. At starting time Headlight will be on it will help other vehicles rider to detect your bike even in dense fog. The tail light is x-shape LED that is very aggressive. The two position light will give the extra beauty to the Honda CB Hornet 160R motorcycle.

Electrical System

The bike contains 12 voltage battery which supplies the electrical power to the bike. The bike has spark ignition system.

Wheels and Tyres Quality

The front tyre is about 100/85 R17 and the rear one is 145/75 R17. The spike system of the wheels or tyres give you more friction to the road. Slipping tendency this bike become much more lesser than others one.

Suspension Quality

The suspension quality of the Honda CB Hornet 160R bike is more aggressive than others. The frontal and the rear suspension is hydraulic type. That will give you a more comfortable journey.

Riding Experience

The riding experience of the Honda CB Hornet 160R is unbelievable. Very much comfortable and enjoyable.

At Last

You can buy this bike without any hesitation. The Honda CB Hornet 160R bike will give you the best experience in your journey because this is very smart and dashing bike ever. You can easily fulfill your desire of bike riding with this Honda CB Hornet 160R bike.