About Us

At present, everyone is well acquainted with various technologies. And the new wave of technology has started with the mobile phone, camera, laptop, and motorcycle. More or less most of the people are currently fascinated and known with these technologies. The people of Bangladesh are also no exception.

It is very difficult to find a website in Bangladesh that provides all kinds of information including camera, motorcycle, mobile phone, and laptop.

However, we have created a new site called ClassyPrice.com.bd to solve this problem. We have been discussing every product of each of the brands of the latest technologies.

So, all the Bangladeshi customers get the proper benefit from it. Our site has been created keeping in mind all the people of Bangladesh so that they can get the maximum benefit from us.

Our Niche:

We have tried to bring all the information including the specification, reviews, update news and price to you in our ClassyPrice.com.bd site, which is very related to the mobile phone, laptop, motorcycle, and camera.

Bangladeshi customers will get updated news for every product of each brand from our website. We ensure the latest and absolutely correct information about the mobile phone, laptop, and camera to our visitor for fulfilling all curiosity and demands. Our information will help them to buy any desired model.

Why we are Different from Others:

You can find many sites online that discuss only a specific technology, whether it can be a mobile phone or laptop or motorcycle or camera.  But it's really hard to find a site that discusses all four technologies at once or more! Our website is an exception to all because it publishes all information about each brand and model of these four technologies simultaneously.

It is a blessing for all Bangladeshi customers that they will no longer need to search online for any information as we have access to everything on this site. We have specifically created a huge list of each brand and models these four technologies. If you want to get information about a model, all you have to do is to click on that specific one and then you can see all the information about it.


Our ClassyPrice.com.bd site provides detailed discussion, reviews, update news, specification and price of each of the models of various brands of mobile phones, laptops, motorcycles, and cameras.

Reviews of each model are presented in such a way that you can compare one model to another. We have listed here the correct updated price for each model that has been determined from some of Poplar’s e-commerce sites.

Final Thoughts:

Typically, Bangladeshi customers do not find any informative website related to mobile phones, laptop, camera, and motorcycle these technologies. To help them alleviate this problem, we have been creating this site where they can get all the latest information on these technologies together.

The good thing about our site is if you want, you can inform us of any problems related to these technologies via phone or e-mail. We will definitely try to give you our quick best service to help you.