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Motocross Fighter 71 Feature Review

Dirt class bikes area unit nearly new in Asian country the' earlier there have been some same class bikes has been situated somewhere within the country. This sort of bikes doesn't seem to be a suitable town or road roads however it accustomed bring rough road especially. The bike is naked however robust in the style that has a powerful and reliable engine. Most of the identical class bikes area unit foreign from China underneath some completely different Chinese brands. However, Kawasaki additionally discharged such sort of bikes within the country a few days earlier. 

Design and Features 

Motocross Fighter seventy-one is a total dirt class bike considering its style. It’s a tiny-sized fuel tank with a matching seating position. Besides, it's long to grab rail. The grip of the tires area unit all right they're not therefore wide. The wheels area unit spoke rather than alloy. The planning is incredibly robust that has tiny however good condition light source. There’s a well-embellished bar. Overall, it's an excellent style motorcycle among cheap value. Motocross Fighter 71 is a pure motorcycle that looks matured in form. Currently, another Chinese whole named Motocross has discharged several dirt class bikes in the Asian country. Motocross Fighter seventy-one is one amongst them.

Engine Qualifications 

Usually, the engine of a dust bike is incredibly powerful. Within the case of Motocross Fighter 71, it’s powered by 149.4 cc engine that is 2 valve, air-cooled and one cylinder another. The grievous bodily harm power of the motorcycle is 8.0 [email protected] 7000 revolutions per minute and grievous bodily harm forces 11.5 Nm @ 5500 revolutions per minute. According to the prime speed of this motorcycle is one hundred 10 Kmph. Though, they need another motorcycle within the market however Fighter seventy-one is a lot cheaper than that.

Motocross Fighter 71

Seat and Dimension 

The bike Motocross Fighter 71 is pretty tiny long however breadth looks excellent. It’s 1890 metric linear unit long, 810 metric linear unit wide and 1090 metric linear unit high. The distance of the bike is 1276 metric linear unit. Besides, thanks to higher ground clearance, it's appropriate for rough roads. The fuel tank looks tiny however surprisingly contains fifteen liters of fuel. Its kerb weight is 95 kg which is so much lighter from the other bike. There turn lamp and lamp are another. Motocross Fighter 71 is offered in an Asian country with 2completely different colors like White & Red and White & inexperienced. 

Suspension Brakes and Mileage

Motocross Fighter 71 has telescopic suspension before the wheel and rear suspension is mono. This is often terribly appropriate for dirt class bikes. Besides, the company has additionally used front disk brake for this motorcycle however rear brake is drum. According to the average mileage of Motocross, Fighter seventy-one is 40 unit’s on-road and over 35 unit on town. So, average mileage would be forty metric linear unit. The front panel of Motocross Fighter 71 is classically designed. Its analogue meter and revolutions per minute meter.


However, the dirt class area unit still low demanded bike as a result of them appear a bit odd in style. Even rural folks accustomed suppose an ideal several of the bike and that they select eighty or one hundred cc bikes instead. Besides, bit recent folks would never feel snug to ride it as a result of its aggressive style the' seating position is alright. Let’s see what options area unit enclosed to Motocross Fighter 71 by this following links.