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Meiduo M6 Feature Review

Now a day’s scooters are fashionable than the other time. Scooters are straightforward to ride and want the little house to stay. It’s additionally less value then bike. Scooter desires very little maintenance less expense. Within the past folks suppose that scooter for the feminine. Right away this thought changes scooter is for everybody. Meiduo M6 is located very arduously. However, has that wow reasonably impression once it rolls on road? Its design, vogue, and appearance are most enticing. Everybody affected their appearance. 

Engine and Transmission

Meiduo M6 engine is a 150cc engine. The engine is four strokes, a single-cylinder, and an air-cooled engine. Engine will turn out 12.5 BHP @ 8,500 revolutions per minute and 12.2 NM torsion @ 5500 RPM. M6 engine is a mechanical device engine. This one is that the powerful engine scooter in Asian nation. Additionally usually during this phase is scooter is kind of sensible. Engine transmission is automatic. The engine will satisfy you while you will ride with this bike. The sound of this engine is so smooth which will not bore you anymore. 

Body, Brakes, and Suspension:

Meiduo M6 is a kind of larger body than the regular body size of a scooter. The length of the scooter is 1920 mm, dimension 735 mm and height 1100 mm. The ground clearance of the scooter is 135 mm. thus from this, we can say that this scooter is a kind of larger scooter. In brakes, they used disc and drum brakes. Before they use the hydraulic brake and the rear one is the hydraulic brake. The body shape of this bike is robust and strong that’s why Meiduo M6 will give you long time durability. The suspension of this bike has been made in such a way so that the passenger can feel the extra enjoyment while the passenger will ride with this bike.


Wheels and Tyres

There’s no ABS or CBS in it. Before tyre they use 90/90-14 and the rear tyre is 100/80-14. Each tyres are tubeless. Wheels are alloy wheels. The distance of the scooter is 1320mm. before suspension they used telescopic front suspension and rear suspension is spring shock. In options, headlamp is a group bulb. Taillight-weight is LED. Fuel capability is 7.5 litter. In reserve, fuel is one cubic decimeter. The mileage of the scooter is 50 KmpL. the beginning methodology is electrical and kicks each. These wheels and tyres have been made in such a way so that this bike can be ride smoothly even in the undulated roads.

Dimension and Fuel Tank

The dimension of this bike standard and very smart. The ground clearance of this bike is also very well. So anyone can ride this bike easily. The fuel tank for this bike is trendy and very good. About 11 liters of fuel can be accommodated of this fuel tank. The design of the fuel tank of this bike is beggar description and this has been configured with a digital shape. So, it looks so beautiful. This outstanding fuel tank adds some extra beauty to this bike’s overall configuration.


From front to tail it’s a quite larger scooter. Currently a day’s scooter style with easy and tiny. However, Meiduo M6 is a larger appearance and enticing style. From, it’s like that it'll able to race. The light source and aspect curve are most enticing. Feel free to buy this bike and you can get lots of information about this bike from the following link.