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Lifan KPT 150 Feature Review

Lifan KPT is that the new unleash from Lifan Motorcycles. It comes from the sure-fire KP series and dental caries the itinerant copy thence altogether it comes with the badge KPT. On Gregorian calendar month twelve, 2017 Lifan introduced this all-new street journey itinerant machine among their in-house market. Later on, it becomes offered in different Asian and South yank markets. Lifan bike in Bangladesh launched those models that point. Thence the powerful engine with the latest trendy options helped the model being common among a brief time.

Designed and Balanced Figure

The Lifan KPT may be a true street itinerant machine that comes with ADV titled appearance and style. It comes with a street journey feature and bioengineering that appears very attractive. Thence a number of the individuals might realize quite a bit impression like BMW Series on Lifan KPT style. However, undoubtedly it's individuality in style wherever most of the ADV bikes are followed quite the same class of coming up with. Coming to the Lifan KPT it’s only designed as a journey bike. It’s taller, muscled, unhealthy and recurred with sharp edge however its class & purpose.

Engine Feature & Specification

Coming to the engine and options Lifan KPT comes with a strong single-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled engine. Thence the engine is tested which is powerful enough to take care of journey riding. The engine is a fuel-injected and water-cooled engine with O sensors. Thus it will guarantee economical combustion, fast throttle response and power delivery considering different weather and throttle condition. Thence the engine delivers a sensible rating of power and torsion that's 18 BHP of power and 17 Nm of torsion.

Lifan KPT 150

Special Features

It is positioned in a higher position to confirm higher visibility. What is more, the whole light assembly is positioned higher and hooked up with the fuel tank with a protective covering. The assembly conjointly includes an oversized & sleek windscreen which is pretty attractive. The fuel tank unit is another elegant wanting part of the bike. It created with sturdy plastic fibers and lined with muscled plastic panels. Beside serious crash guard, the bathing costume panel over the radiator altogether formed with supper butch look.

Wheel, Brake and Suspension

The Lifan KPT 150 may be a street journey bike. Thence clearly it comes with compatible wheel, brake, and suspension. Coming back to the wheel it’s equipped with street wheels with twin sports tyres. Here the wheels are 17” size with all alloy rimes thus it featured for asphalt thus street. Hence to support the journey riding its tyre twin sports sort and people escort a comparative wider dimension. Here the front tire is 100 mm and the rear one is 130 mm wider. Coming to the braking system each of the wheels is fitted with hydraulic disk brakes. Here front disk is floral leaf and well-oxygenated which is 300mm wider


Furthermore, this customary engine comes with a 6-speed gearcase. Thus it will support each aggressive riding and good cruising sterilization different gears. The Lifan KPT appearance is damn attractive and completely aggressive from the front aspect angle. It equipped with all LED Projection light as well as LED DRL assembly. The headlight and taillight of this bike seem very attractive and dashing. The battery quality of this bike is the beggar description. It will give you the power supply all day long while you are riding with this bike.


Each the tyres are tubeless sort thence no trouble for sudden puncher and flatten on the road. The rear disk is also the same sort with the dimensions of 220mm. what is more the front unit comes with double piston clipper and rear one with single clipper assembly? Then associate degree ADV vogue wheel-fender hooked up bellow the unit wherever the fender fitted beside inverted front suspensions.