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Keeway Cafe Racer 152 Feature Review

The bike is getting a new and stylish feature and it is going to attack all the bike lovers. Due to the continuous supplies and demands of stylish bikes, the company wants to release a bike that seems something. The bike has got powerful engine features and reliable power and torque. Most of the features of this bike undoubtedly draw the attention of most of the bike lover but with the availability, the rest features would be revealed soon. Be ready to ride this bike, now I am writing a review on it that may help you to make the decision before buying your dream bike.

Let’s Find Out the Review of Keeway Cafe Racer 152 Below

Design and Looks: There is no doubt the features of Keyway Cafe Racer 152. It is almost classic which has classical design round headlamp and taillight also. The bike is quite small along with a small seating position. Instead of general wheels, it has spoke-type wheels which gives complete classic looks. It has a completely unique body framework and the mirror on the handlebar and handlebar is lower enough to handle easily at any uncertainties. Overall, it can be said that this bike is a custom-made cafe racer bike and you find the best riding experience of this bike.


Engine Performance: Officially, Keeway Cafe Racer is 150 cc but it seems that the engine power of this bike is more than that. Its engine is quite classic and powerful though it is a small cruiser bike. The engine of this bike is a single-cylinder, four-stroke, air cooling system and it would be a good combination of power and torque. The engine is quite enough to gain the max speed at 120 km per hour. It has kick starter just but also the self-starting system is also added.

Dimensions and Seating Position: Keeway Cafe Racer 152 is small in the sized bike and the actual dimension is no revealed officially. But it seems that the bike would be pretty low height. The width and another lateral dimension would be the same as standard bikes. Basically, this category bikes will give you the extra-ordinary riding experience with this classic dimension. The bike is easy to ride in it because of its perfect dimension. Just ride would be perfect for the bike to ride with no pillion.

Suspension and Brakes: Telescopic front as a suspension is used for the bike but the rear suspension is twin shocks. The suspensions are very comfortable and strong enough to take loads. On the rural road, this kind of suspensions would give you the best riding experience. Now let’s talk about the braking system of this bike, the brakes of the bike are also good. The front brake is very standard and hydraulic and rear brake is drum.

Mileage: Cafe Racer type bikes would not provide better mileage from the other bikes. But Keeway products are known wisely for their mileage. So, hopefully, Keeway Cafe Racer 152 will give the 40 km per liter mileage average even in the undulated roads. 

Final Words: all kinds of measuring meter of this bike are made of digital display and they are digitally configured. The bike has a fuel gauge and the fuel lowering indicator also that may help you to ride on it very aggressively. It has also a classic tail lamp d turn lamp. But there is a matter of sorrow that only the black color of this bike is available in the market, but the other color combination will come in the showroom in the near future.