Get Proper Information about Latest 5 Motorcycles

Are you looking for your dream motorcycle? If so, just stay here, you will get your motorbike here. From this article, you can choose your dream motorcycle.

The motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that is used for transportation purposes. Outstanding motorbikes are increasing day by day depending upon the demand of the bike lovers. Gottlieb Daimler invented the first practical motorcycle in 1885. Later on, the evolutionary journey of the motorcycle had started after 1990. The popularity of the motorcycle is increasing for a classy price with dashing features of motorbikes. About the best five motorbikes that I am going to discuss in this article.

1. Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Kawasaki Ninja H2R is one of the most selling and fastest superbikes in the world. This spots bike is becoming popular with the bike rider because of its classy price with amazing features. The key specification of the Kawasaki Ninja H2R bike is as follows.


▪ 998CC engine with 300 H.P. 

▪ Racing suspension with attractive looking. 

▪ The top speed is 249 kilometers per hour. 

▪ Six-speed gearbox with a dog ring style. 

2. Ducati 1098S 

 Ducati is the premium bike that can fulfill your bike demand. The bike looks very gorgeous and aggressive. It can raise its speed at 175 per hour. The bike riders will keep in their consideration of Ducati bike while choosing a bike for its cooler design. But the price of this bike is comparatively higher than the others. 

Get Proper Information about Latest 5 Motorcycles


▪ 1098 CC liquid cooled double cylindrical engine

▪ LCD dash pod

▪ It takes only 3.3 seconds to get the top speed

▪ Maximum power 190 H.P

▪ 6-speed gear transmission with multiple chains

3. Indian FTR-1200       

After 2013 India has launched the motorcycle of the FTR series. It has a gorgeous body shape with several colors. You can chase the Ducati with this speedy bike. The lower riding position and dashing suspension make this motorcycle look more expensive than actually, it is. This motorcycle has gained its popularity in Bangladesh, in India, Japan, and Germany also that. The motorcycle price in Bangladesh is standard. You can choose your dream bike within your limited budget. 


▪ 1203 cc engine with the trendy fuel tank. 

▪ The motorcycle is light in weight around 500 lb dry weight. 

▪ FTR 1200 possess inverted front brakes with adjustable mono-shock suspension.

▪ It takes only 3.1 seconds to get the speed at 110 km/hour.

4. Yamaha YZF-R3                                                                                                                             

 Yamaha brand has redesigned this bike in 2019. The bodywork of this bike fascinating that makes it look bigger and more powerful. In another word, this bike will give the best biking feelings for its evergreen features. The Yamaha motorcycle brand has launched this bike all over the world. The price of this motorcycle various from country to country. Besides all the countries the motorcycle price in Bangladesh is standard than in other countries. 


▪ 322 CC twin-cylinder engine.

▪ Advanced ABS with the standard quality traction control system.

▪ 6-speed gear transmission with fuel injection system.

▪ Maximum power and torque are 200 H. P and 112.5 Nm respectively.

5. BMW K 1200S       

 BMW k the 1200s is a hyper superbike. The maximum speed of the sports bike is 194 km per hour. Like the BMW car, this bike has also become popular for its classic design. But the price of this bike is very high for this reason I have placed this bike in 5th place. If you have enough budgets then you can choose the BMW k 1200 s bike for your dream motorcycle. 


▪ 1099 CC DOHC system liquid-cooled engine.

▪ The front part looks like heavy for the metal shield.

▪ The maximum speed of 194 km per hour.

▪ 6-speed manual transmission system.

The motorcycle is the greatest invention. For getting a better experience in riding, you have to choose your dream bike critically. The motorcycles make your journey full of comfort. The people who cannot afford the expenditure of buying a car they can easily buy a motorcycle to meet their dreams. 

Motorcycles also make transportation easier than before. Enjoy your journey with your dream motorcycle.